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arvesTyme Bread is a family owned and operated bakery in southern Logan County just north of Edmond, Oklahoma. The goal of Harvestyme is to bring back the old flavors of European breads with the hard crust and flavorful crumb of an artisan loaf. To get the hard crust you must visit the bakery before they are double wrapped, for we use no preservatives in our products. By double wrapping you can keep your bread in the refrigerator (not on the counter) and it will last for at least three weeks.

Pat uses a 13 year-old mild-flavored sourdough starter which is less pungent than those from the Coast, due to the yeast endemic to our region. Most of our breads require 2-3 days for completion, due to the use of European starters.

We use at least 50% whole grain in almost all our breads, with some products being 100% whole grain. No preservatives are used in any of our products. We also use organic and locally-grown products when possible in our breads. Most of our herbs are grown here at the Bakery as well.

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